We're environment-friendly
Living as close to nature as we do, being kind to the environment and all the creatures that inhabit it is a no-brainer. Some of the specific steps we've taken are to:
Recycle everything we can;  Use recycled paper for our stationery, if we have to use paper at all; Refrain from using pesticides in the gardens;  Minimise the amount of power and water we use;  Be bear-smart;  Support wildlife foundations: We have adopted 2 orcas as part of  Vancouver Aquarium's research program, and donate regularly to other conservation programs such as the Georgia Strait Alliance, and animal charities
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Black Bears
Black bears of varying sizes are seen ambling around the village and in the forest during the summer months. Generally, they avoid us if they can hear us coming. They've demolished our bird feeders on occasion, so we take these down if there's a chance that they'll attract bears. Lions Bay aims to be bear-smart: For example, we have bylaws prohibiting residents from leaving garbage cans out. Ask us about our bear stories!

Birds and Bats
Apart from multitudes of crows, Stellar Jays and other birds, you are very likely to spot bald eagles and smaller birds of prey in and around Lions Bay. The bird feeders at The Tree House attract a large variety of birds, which are a treat to watch from the proximity of the living room or deck.  A real treat on a summer's evening is to hear a pair of owls hooting in the dark as we sit outside. After dark, we also catch glimpses of the tiny bats who live somewhere around the house. We have a number of reference books on hand so you can identify them on an amateur or more advanced level.

Raccoons and Squirrels
Our resident raccoons and squirrels also visit the birdfeeders! The raccoons mainly at night, with their large curious eyes, and the squirrels throughout the day. Very cute indeed.

You are definitely likely to spot or hear the local coyotes, but generally they keep to themselves, which is the way we like it.

We know they're around, but we've never seen one, thank goodness. Generally best avoided in toto. TOP
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