How the iPhone 11 Pro compares to the Samsung Galaxy S10 in terms of Camera

Apple showed off a lot of new iPhones recently, with a good camera, better battery life, and of course, more durability. But the triple-lens camera sounds very familiar since other smartphone makers did it first. Samsung did it way before the iPhone 11 was even released, but how doe sit compare? Read on to find out!

If you compare Samsung galaxy vs iPhone, both the phones have the three rear camera facing lenses, which allow for you to capture the images with a larger field of view than before thought possible. But there is a big difference since Samsung offers that field of view that’s larger than on the Apple device. The S10’s ultra-wide-angle camera also offers a 16-MP sensor, while the iPhone 12 MP camera is a bit limited. The ultra-wide-angle camera has a much lower aperture too, so the lens can open wider and get more light, thereby providing more exposure.

The telephoto and the wide-angle cameras are also 12 MO, just like with apple, there are some features you need to take into account though when it relates to the aperture. The iPhone’s lens is F/1.8 whereas the Galaxy S10 has an aperture of f/2.4

So, when it comes to recording video, both the 11 pro and the Galaxy S10 share a lot of similarities. Both of these can shoot the 4K video up to 60 FPS, and it does have the same slow-mo features too. It definitely is competitive, but the thing is, you’ll need to look at the side-by-side performance before you can even safely say that they compare.

So, do they?

Well in terms of display, the S10 is a little bit larger, and a little bit sharper, but the thing is, it definitely has a little bit of a lack of realism when it’s compared to the iPhone. However, it definitely isn’t something you’ll notice as much unless you’re spending a lot of time with these, which if that’s the case, it might tell you a different story as well.

They do have similar designs in terms of cameras, but the thing is, the iPhone 11 pro still has the notch in the top for the facial recognition sensors, which is similar to what the X series had a few years back. Samsung decided to move forward with the “Infinity O” design on these S10 phones, so this new display allows for the edge to edge look, making it sleeker, and also making the notch-less intrusive too.

However, the backside is different, and the iPhone 11 has a matte texture, which makes it easier to grip, whereas the S10 is much glossier. But, the iPhone 11 is a little bit heavier.

The storage is different too, with up to 2 storage options for the S10, but three for the iPhone 11 pro, but you’ll get a whole lot more out of the S10 than you would out of the iPhone 11 if you’re looking to make it cheaper.

There is also more durability to the iPhone 11 and can withstand more drops. But, the big thing to remember is that the iPhone products work better together, whereas the S10 models have the ability to add more features to this, including wireless charging, which is great for wireless earbuds. But, whether or not that’s something you want is ultimately up to you, and something that, if you do decide to work with this, you’ll definitely want to assess the benefits and decide for yourself as well.