The iPhone 11 Vs. the Samsung Galaxy S20+

These are direct competitors and are both ultra-premium devices.  So, which one is the best for you? Which will offer the most for a prosumer after the initial release? Read on to find out.

For starters, the iPhone 11 Pro Max was launched in September of 2019 alongside both the 11 and the 11 pro.  The 11 pro max is at the top of the lineup, with a larger screen, and more battery life. They are capable of the 4K 60 FS video, and they do contain the A13 Bionic chip and have amazing screens. In contrast, Samsung announced the new smartphones, and one of them was the S20+, which is a very ultra-premium phone. This one has a new rear camera system, has moved the hole punch to the top center, has both aluminum and glass in the frame, and features a flatter screen rather than a curved edge like the previous devices.

These are definitely strong competitors, but there are some pros and cons to each.  The 11 pro max does have some good specs, and It definitely holds its ground against the S20+ lineup.

The specs between these are definitely quite immersive. They all contain large amounts of battery and RAM, a higher resolution, and of course, more value in some cases.

Let’s first talk camera. The 11 pro max has an array of three sensors on the back of the phone, along with a front True Depth camera system. All of these feature the 12 MP sensors that are capable of videos, slo-mo and other types of video. This uses a fast neural engine in order to capture the different exposures that every other frame has, allowing for a more dynamic range. The 11 pro max has a high rated camera system, and each is calibrated in the factor to ensure that this is all accurate. There is also a lot of software within this too.

In contrast, the S20+ has a four-sensor camera in the back, and they consist of three cameras and a time-of-flight sensor. The ultra-wide and the wide-angle versions of this are worth mentioning, with a telephoto lens turned on the side, along with a mirror to allow for more distance there, creating the 3X optical zoom at 64 MP as well. This has a very strong video camera, including 8K functions and a very large MP camera.  You also can get 30X zoom too, which is about three times what the iPhone 11 does.

The S20 ultra takes this further. It’s got the same four sensors and the single front-facing, but this one comes with additional optics, allowing for a 100X zoom combined, and the detail loss is definitely huge, so you might need a tripod for this.

But is it worth it currently? Not necessarily.  The new features on the Samsung devices are nice, it actually isn’t always the best user experience, and oftentimes, you have to look at whether or not you truly need that much.

However, both of them are good premium phones, and the iPhone 11 does still hold its ground against this, and it probably will for at least a little while. If you’d like to save a teeny bit, then definitely consider this type of phone, since it will still get you the most out of this. But, it definitely is good to look at the others, since they are premium phones which can be worth checking out in many cases, and something you should definitely consider if you’re someone getting a new phone.