Should You get the iPhone 11 or the Galaxy Note 10

If you’re on a specific bandwagon already, you probably will focus on staying with the brand that you know and love.  But, did you know that there are other phones out there? If you’re looking to spend a bit more on the next device, you’ve got to the research to figure out what the biggest, and the best phones are.  The iPhone 11 pro or the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, for example, are both strong contenders, so let’s talk about the pros and cons of each of these, and what exactly they mean for you as a user.

First, let’s talk about the display. Everyone likes cameras right now, but if you look at your phone’s display, you’ll definitely want to invest in something that is easy to look at and feels good. The Samsung Note 10 has a large screen, bigger than the iPhone 11. If you can tolerate or like the smaller screen, then you might want the 11, since it does have richer pixels too.  However, the Note 10 does have Full HD+, an AMOLED display, and it has much larger pixels. But, the iPhone 11 has more in a smaller place, so it has a crisper image, and it might lead to better-looking games and videos. But, the Note 10 does have a stylus as well, which might be a benefit to you.

Let’s talk camera though, the biggest part of this. The iPhone 11 Pro has a really good camera, and in fact, it’s got 3-12MP cameras, each with a different lens, and it’s super easy to switch between each. You also have a night mode, and also a deep fusion mode, which can take photos with this camera, and then synthesize them to create a detailed and beautiful image. You can also shoot in 4K with 50 FPS easily.  The iPhone 11 also has the true depth camera which also has similar features, and the Galaxy note also does have this. It also has the 3 lenses, and it allows for a range of photos and videos, and it can also shoot in a similar quality level to other cameras on the market.

The note 10 also has the technology in order to improve your photography skills, including the flaw detector and the scene optimizer, and it also offers a night mode in the front.

Both of them have strong cameras, so you’ll definitely not go wrong with either of these.

What about device performance? Well, the iPhone 11 does use the A13 bionic chip, which will boost the processing power by about 20 percent over the phones last year, and also minimize the power use, allowing for better battery life. The Note 10 also uses a chip that’s pretty strong, and offers 8GB of RAM, and also A Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU.

Everything about these that’s been found shows that it’s a little slower than the A12 in apple, so the A13 is a bit faster. But, they’re still pretty strong, so it’s worth mentioning that it might have a performance slowdown if you’re really paying attention, but the biggest way it’ll affect that is of course, within your battery.

There is also the stylus too, and for many people, this is an added benefit because let’s face it, the phone is huge.

Now, the final verdict which one should you get? The thing is, there’s a lot of factors that will play into this, so you have to decide for yourself. There is also the ecosystem thing, where if you’re already on one OS, it’s hard to move to another one.